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Engelsberg Consulting is the platform I created to provide my services and to launch entrepreneurial projects.


Christian Lesimple


What do I stand for?


My functions covered global scope responsibilities, fully-fledged HR responsibilities and specific expertise in Compensation & Benefits and Global Mobility.

Through my personal background and my responsibilities across countries and continents, I had the chance to develop interpersonal and intercultural abilities.

Commitment to results

As an independent consultant, solely my results can advocate for myself towards my current and future clients.

I am working eye to eye with my clients seeking for a sustainable partnership. Consulting and transition management are not about giving high level smart tips, but to play an active role in the company, and working out pragmatic solutions for the client.


My approach to human resources topics is always characterized by an entrepreneurial and business oriented perspective.

I have a systemic vision of my work, meaning any project is embedded in a wider context that needs to be considered.


Willing to share a 20 years’ experience, I have lived in 3 different countries and can work indifferently in three languages (French, German, English).

Although I spent a big part of my career at a major automotive player, my experience is characterized by a wide scope of businesses and company size : industry, wholesale, retail, financial services, automotive, real estate, hospitality…

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